Eagle Inspection Technologies, LLC

With over 40 years experience in the industry (Power Plants, Chemical Plants, Refineries, Tank Farms, etc.) Eagle Inspection Technologies can provide professional assessments of your facility assets resulting in a high confidence factor in the reliability of your equipment and plant systems.

Eagle Inspection Technologies provides the industry with Certified American Petroleum Institute (API) inspections using highly qualified and experienced Inspectors and Technicians to ensure that your systems receive the best possible evaluation.

Pressure Vessel

Eagle Inspection Technologies Inspections of Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks and Piping are in accordance with the latest API, STI, ASME, NBIC, UL, & ASNT inspection and design codes and practices. This will ensure state of the art technology is used to your advantage. Inspection reports include Fitness for Service (FFS) Level I evaluations and recommendations.

Eagle Inspection Technologies is a joint-venture partner of CJW Ventures.  Our J-V provides industry and government a “one stop shop” for procurement of inspection, assessment, engineering and construction oversight services for mechanical and electrical systems.  My partners are William R. Jennings Jr. Consulting Engineering, PC. and Corish Engineering