Sample Reports

API 510 Pressure Vessel (PV) Reports:

Pressure Vessel
Reactor Vessel Inspection

The shell had experienced significant deterioration in the form of concentrated pitting in the mid girth weld and lower shell course longitudinal welds and cracks in the baffle attachment welds that require weld repairs before placing back in service. Nozzle N16 needed to be replaced due to deep pitting and crack in the internal surface of the nozzle. [View Report]

Propane Horizontal Pressure Vessel
Propane Horizontal PV

Evaluated in accordance with the Zick formula for structural stress analysis, No major issues. [View Report]

PV Rerate

Rail-car to a plant stationary storage tank
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API 653 Above-ground Storage Tank (AST) Reports

Vertical AST
Vertical AST

There are several moderate to severe shell deformations throughout the tank. These shell deformations are characteristic of insufficient vacuum venting during periods where pump out and hot day rain quenching occur simultaneously.
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Horizontal FO AST
Horizontal FO AST

Evaluated in accordance with UL-142, DNREQ and the Zick formula for structural stress analysis, The tank were originally built to UL-58 for underground storage tanks, several issues were addressed including over stress issue at the horn of the saddles. [View Report]

API 570 Piping Report


HP steam system with some minor steam leaks [View Report]